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  • Established in 1998, Tianchang Shuangfeng Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional integrated manufacturer who is concerned with the design, development, production and marketing of wooden articles. Factory covers an area of more than 95000 square meters and now it owns over 500 employees. As an exporter, Shuangfeng has provided services to more than 200 customers all over the world. We devote ourself to assisting artists in developing their talent and creating the best art, and making more people have access to high quality painting materials. After 20 years' efforts and developments. Shuangfeng has been a famous brand and ...

    • Own design team

    • Professional factory

    • Normalized team

    Copyright 1968-2018   ©  Anhui Tianchang Shuangfeng cultural products Co., Ltd.  Record number: Anhui ICP preparation 09215848        Guangdong public net Anne: 44060602000243

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